New Kid.

Posted: 5th Feb 2012


So Ditsil is here. Dorks for great copy in the right place at the right time. We have some exciting things up our sleeves and a hell of a lot of teabags so let's get cracking.

Be back soon.

Blog envy.

Posted: 5th Feb 2012


Got me some blog envy, slowly slowly, catchy monkey and all that..... The WarriorForum chucked up their Top 10 Copywriting Blogs of 2012. My new first stop is


D-List Top 30 ads

Posted: 5th Feb 2012

Be inspired.


City of Culture?

Posted: 14th Feb 2012

Shocked and disgusted by the 'creative tax' that the Glasgow City Council are imposing.. A city that thrives and encourages the arts and expression introducing a legislation that isolates creatives is insane. I've always loved Glasgow, it has a varied, exciting, encouraging art scene that's an asset to its culture status, until this year. Sign the petition NOW!


Posted: 14th Feb 2012

Quite bloody right!


Posted: 27th Feb 2012

Building me a sweet portfolio for you're enjoyment and reference, but these things take time....

Created a 2012 PDF portfolio with some sample pieces to wet the whistle which will shortly be joining the website. Additional samples and info are available on request if you just can't get enough.

'The Gathering'

Posted: 27th Feb 2012

VAA Action.

Very much look forward to 'The Gathering' at the SECC this week.

Beginning on Wednesday 29th, taking part over 2 days the free event offers an opportunity to network, learn and interact with fellow volunteers, charities and industry bodies. Perfect for those with long standing positions in the charity sector or newbies to the culture and volunteer world. Open doors from 9:30 - 5:30 over both days. Not to be missed.