What's happening.

Posted: 15th Jul 2013

Mixed bag.

All is busy on the Distil front. The last few months have been a whirlwind of projects big and small. Before the Distil Series kicks off, soon to be announced, here's a run down of what's been keeping me busy.

First things first, Mr UX has launched. This NYC-based user experience and product design agency are some the nicest chaps I've had the privilege of working with. I created their site copy, and it was a truly collaborative process.

They were refreshingly open to new ideas and suggestions, making copy creation a total pleasure. Paired with their unique style and awesome illustrations, my copy has found a most worthy home.

Along similar lines, I recently worked with Timothy Washington of Interrupt Software. Tim was looking to create copy for his site. Authoritative yet personable was the aim and I think we hit it bang on.

I recently worked with international fashion designer, Neri Karra, on the copy for her Neri Karra Talks site. Neri is a renowned fashion entrepreneur and is famed for her business prowess and creativity. Her NK Talks site, offers a power of programmes and seminars on achieving all you wish to in the world of fashion and business.

That's just a wee look at what's been happening. This month will see the launch of even more new projects, as well as the launch of the first ever Distil Series.

Keep 'em peeled.

My favourite writing & creative blogs

Posted: 28th Jul 2013

The resourceful and the inspirational

I should blog more. I know I should be more motivated but work piles up, tea awaits etc etc. Resourceful, insightful or fun, it goes without saying that the more you read, the more you write. Yep, I'm guilty of neglecting my blog from time to time but I check in with my favourites on a weekly basis. Maybe I should just make mine my favourite...

Anyway, here is a collection of my weekly blog haunts. From copywriting and content to the creative, these blogs and writers well and truly tick the boxes.


Probably the best copywriting blog out there, Copyblogger is the place to check in for content marketing, SEO copwriting and much more. Packed with experienced advice and sound insight, it's the first place I visit when I have a spare 5 mins.

Writer, Reader, Rascal

Written by copywriter Andrew Boulton, The Drum's 'Writer, Reader, Rascal' blog is up there for me. Humorous and genuine, Andrew handles each content subject with a highly unique perspective. His insight is as valuable as fun and personable.

Valuable Content

Sonja Jefferson knows content. Valuable Content handles the role of content in marketing and strategy. She offers advice and tips in the form of breakdowns and case studies, while observing the ever-changing role of content in the marketing industry.

Unashamedly Creative

Rebakah Lambert is one of my favourites. Every Unashamedly Creative post is packed with insight and character. This is a no nonsense observational blog that tackles the discrepancies of marketing content and copywriting. Resourceful and spot on.

Creative Bloc

Writing opportunities, advice and freelancing tools is what Creative Bloc is all about. An unparalleled resource, Creative Bloc keenly observes freelancing and the creative industries with personality and an acute awareness. Writers such as Rachael Oku and Mark James make the blog the great resource it is.

There's a heap of others out there, such as Gather Content and ABC copywriting, that offer inspiration and guidance for writers of any level.