Why hire a copywriter?

Posted: 5th Dec 2012

The 'Pitch Response'

Before I begin this post I need to make something clear. As a copywriter I'm here to tell you to most definitely hire a professional if you require quality content. This post is a tip of my hat to my copywriter comrades, as well as a research piece for potential clients.

I'm sure I'm not alone is my deliverance of what I like to call the 'Pitch Response' to the familiar question I get asked on pretty much a daily basis - why hire a copywriter?

It's not the question I have a problem with at all, it's a fantastic question, especially if you haven't worked with a professional writer before. More often than not I get asked this question in a context that requires an explanation as to why this is a profession in the first place. Here lies my issue.

I think I can offer both insight into my personal beef while providing soild answers to a very relevant question.

The DIY attitude

Sometimes needs must and hey, if you think you can have a bash at your own copy then go for it! I'm sure I don't have to point out what the differences in quality would be. It all depends what you want.

Would you think twice about hiring a designer and sacrifice the look of your product, site etc? I suspect not. It is all under the umbrella of content and I believe great copy goes hand in hand with great design.

A professional service, not a hobby

When you hire a good copywriter, you get more than the right words. I'm an expert that has spend years honing my craft and basing all my knowledge and craft in the wider context of the creative industry.

A copywriter doesn't just magic up words. We use the right language the right way, whether you want to sell, inform, entertain, all of these objectives require different skills and grammar which often require multiple levels of understanding.

You want to drive traffic your way? Let's talk SEO. This is an intergral part of most of the copy I produce and something a lot of clients have no understanding of.

Don't mess around with your business

Like I said at the start of this post, this is your call. It's your business and you have control of how it's perceived and received. What I remind people of is the importance of first impressions and getting it right. There is never a guarantee someone will read or visit your site, newsletter, whatever, more than once. It only takes one word to turn people off.

Writing SEO Copy.

Posted: 18th Dec 2012

More than Keywords...

Many would argue that SEO writing is one of the less creative areas of copywriting. I disagree.

SEO writing calls for research, technique and application of a certain set of must-dos, in order to achieve it's very specific aim - to be appealing to search engines. In the seemingly strict confides of it's purpose and aim I find myself actively trying to achieve the right results through alternative means.

However, I do tend to touch on the undeniable main steps needed to create this function heavy copy.

Readability - Keep it natural.

There is nothing more uncomfortable, arduous or frowned upon as keyword-ridden, concentrated copy. This is where a copywriter applies the theory to existing writing practice and creates flowing, natural copy with effective keyword usage. Use your thesaurus to source alternative words, avoid repetition. Incorporation of a list or a link into the body of the text avoids an unattractive, disjointed flow.

As I say, the right words in the right place can do great things and keyword usage is paramount to the success of your SEO copy.

Use your keywords in the Page title and scatter the phrases and variations throughout your copy organically. Headings break the sections up into easy to find sentences and by keeping them short and relevant your copy is in a greater position to be favourable by search engines.

Research - Frequency & Relevance

Obtaining the correct keywords is integral. Research what keywords have been, and continue, to be used in your subject or field. Study how they are actioned and structured. Resources such as SEO Chat and Keyword Cloud are great tools for searching for relevant keywords to optimize.

So there are some of the main building blocks of SEO writing. Keep on theme, use your keywords effectively and research.