Busy Bee

Posted: 8th Mar 2012

I'm still here!

Been good and busy recently, nice projects with Revolver Design and 14c Studio. Also working on some of my own projects. Lot's of To-Do lists and research and much loved trips to the glorious Mitchell library. Coupled with constant company from 'First Aid Kit', new music love, things are ticking away nicely... I shall be in better contact, I promise! With projetcs in the pipeline for Iona Barker, Lillas Farlos and Postcard Limited I shall have lot's to chew your ear off with!

Stitch-Hiker is on it's way!

Posted: 8th Mar 2012

She's making herself look pretty...

So, my new BIG project for this year is my craft label/collective. A collection of mine, and other Glasgow Crafters works all online, seeing profits going to artists and creatives, coupled with free advertising, support and information to help these talented bees get ahead. Free advice and a healthy push from fellow enthusiasts. Working on the site, collecting together ideas and label buddies etc, but it's gaining speed and will hopefully be officially launched and in full swing by the summer!!! Stay tuned Stitchers.

It's good to talk

Posted: 15th Mar 2012

People are just grand.

At the present time I am researching, networking and fishing out new contacts and inspirations. The annual 'push' and flurry of getting myself on an enthusiastic page for 2012 at Distil. My trip to Edinburger introduced me to Chris Roy, of Northswiss, a lovely chap full of knowledge, experience and a love for bikes. Hopefully a friend and co-creative of the future. Next was Alan, of Lennon Design. Very established, passionate man who gave me some key pointers and swirled up a world of jealousy over his office space. Both people I hope to see again.

My storming of Edinburgh shall commence again next week with a meeting at the very great Whitespace and perhaps a trip to Leith to pester some of the great agencies and studios in Scotland. If you are an Edinburgh resident, creative or tea drinker get in touch and let's eat some cake and chat.

Fusions, Girls and Copy

Posted: 19th Mar 2012

Hello Art Fusion and PaperGirl Glasgow!

Had a great meeting with the ladies of Art Fusion Glasgow, a collective event bringing artists, creatives and the public together under the umbrella of accesible art and passion. As part of the Gibson Street Gala, 17th June, AFG will host gallery spaces, live arts events and workshops all day. A great opportunity to showcase and introduce artists to artists, the public to creative practice and the world to wonderful works. I'll be on board providing copy services, brochures, artist bios and social media content and management, amongst enjoying the day and getting stuck in too!

Running alongside, the Papergirl Glasgow, will be also bringing some much appreciated art-love in the form of free art for the public. Lovely folks. I too shall be handling some social media, copy for their website and extra bits and bobs of wordsmithery.

Keep your peepers peeled!