Cracking start to 2013

Posted: 1st Feb 2013

There's busy then there's busy...

January has been a tad mental. I'm not the only one who was swamped with new projects, 2013 looks like it's shaping up to be a good 'un for all.

Had a flurry of eclectic projects, I'm a lucky gal. Many are pretty hush hush until launching so I can't say too much other than keep your peepers peeled. Typically the majority of them are launching around the same time so it's all pretty exciting around here.

Each launch will be accompanied by a detailed case study of my process and approach to the project.

Right, I'm getting back to work. Follow me on Twitter - @distilco for updates, general musings and procrastinations.

Truenorth Launch

Posted: 8th Feb 2013

Icelandic Copy

I'm most proud indeed to announce the launch of my latest copy project Truenorth, designed by Berg and developed by LiamR.

These Icelandic chaps know everything there is to know about media, TV and film production, line producing movies such as Prometheus, Die Another Day and the new Thor sequel. Beautiful images of the stunning Icelandic landscape fill the site. With such strong visuals, my copy needed to quietly narrate the story of Truenorth and their work to date.

Professional, sharp and confident, the tone reflected the company's approach to working with some of the world's most renowned creatives, directors and photographers.

Powerful stills and an impressive portfolio speak for themselves, the copy is there to assist and direct the visitor's journey. Being able to see a project as a whole, and analyse the role of each feature and aspect, allowed me to produce the words that would strike the right balance and successfully underpin the brand identity. Good copy always knows its place.

Science Inc Launch

Posted: 19th Feb 2013

'Solving real problems'.

Another good month for launches, and here's another one to add to the Distil list - Science Inc.

Working with the Santa Monica based tech/digital 'incubator' was a real pleasure. Not only are Science an abundance of experts and creatives, but they approach each of their projects with a very unique mindset and ethos, especially for a company of their stature.

Science wanted to talk differently about what they did. They didn't want to be tech-heavy or unapproachable. For a company consisting of former Myspace innovators and renowned experts, it was imperative that Science and its key message was about real people and their lives.

So many of these types of companies are riddled in data chat and jargon, rarely outlining the human aspect of their work. Science are focused on solving the real problems of everyday people, by financing, supporting and developing businesses concerned with improving the lives of people.

An approachable, conversational tone was created to discuss the relevance and context of each business and the human issue at the core.

Own your tone.

Posted: 27th Feb 2013

Talking my language.

Last week my very own Distil site was featured in Vandelay Design's '25 Awesome Websites for Unique Businesses'

Complimentary indeed, and a huge nod to designer LiamR, the feature touched on embracing what makes your brand unique and doing all you can to showcase that. I'm totally behind "Being innovative with your brand elements", and telling a story is key to my job and my vision for my site.

What this feature flagged up for me was comments I'd received in the past about my site, and more specifically my own site copy. Being a copywriter it seemed fairly obvious to me that your website, or any online presence for that matter, was your opportunity to say what you want to say in your own way.

In a market of mass, and especially as a freelancer, making a memorable impact is what it's all about. I'd like to note here that I'm not talking about your approach to projects, not every copywriting job calls for punchy, wit-fuelled copy, I'm talking about presenting yourself as a language expert who has the vision and experience to use the tools of your trade the right way - 'The right words in the right order can do great things'.

Many copywriters neglect their own brand voice. This isn't something I'd typically say about a designer and their visual identity. In many cases less is more, and a great portfolio can often speak for itself, however if you have an opportunity to exhibit what makes you memorable then take it.

Clients past and present have commented on how much they loved my own site copy, and it has bagged me several projects. Yes, having a full, diverse portfolio is going to be the deal breaker in most cases, but one thing that makes me smile is when I receive an email with the phrase 'Tip my hat' in the subject title - the sender has adopted my style of writing and is talking to me on a personal level, and hey, that can't hurt.