New space, new projects.

Posted: 11th Apr 2013

Company for a lonely copywriter...

I have moved. Last week I took up residence at the Papertank office in Southblock, Glasgow. Got myself a nice wee desk space among some design/development pals of mine and it's nice to have some chat.

I've always loved working for myself and had little trouble concentrating. My clients are scattered all over the shop so working from home always made sense, late nights, different time zones and all that, but I did miss having someone to talk through ideas with. Not just in a copywriting sense but in a creative context.

So much of my work is the idea. Working in isolation definitely generates a different process and outlook, sometimes good and sometimes not. Having the option of a sounding board is a welcome change.

In other news, I've got a pretty mixed bag of projects on at the moment. I'm chuffed at the level of collaboration each have, with clients appreciating the importance that the voice and language of a brand plays. I'm hoping to create a series of blogs around collaboration, and its differing types and processes.

For now, back to work....